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Oasis Realty Investment Group gives investors access to carefully chosen, high-performing real estate investments, safely maximizing their returns.

Because our clients are investing with a group, they have easier access to a wider array of real estate investment opportunities. Oasis attracts savvy investors who understand there is strength in numbers, and more choices can help GROW their money safely and steadily.

Build wealth with confidence.

Invest in a strong, stable, and sophisticated investment opportunity.

Invest with Oasis.

About our Leadership

Our leadership team has decades of experience in the real estate investment, financial, and tech sectors.

At the head of this team is our CEO Ivel Turner, who served as a senior vice president with one of the top real estate investment funds on the globe, where he brought in and managed over $50 million dollars in funds.

His expertise and knowledge is far reaching  and he has founded and  helmed five companies, all of which yielded profits and were sold to other companies.
From our founder to our senior executives and beyond, Oasis’s forward-thinking leadership is dedicated and experienced, with a track record of delivering long-term sustainable growth for investors.

Financial peace of mind is not a mirage, it’s an Oasis.

Ivel Turner

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