How Oasis Investments Work

Oasis Realty Investment Group is able to provide its investors with higher than normal returns by aggregating investors’ dollars. Simply, pooled funds gather capital from a number of individuals and are invested as one giant portfolio, giving our investors access to large-scale opportunities that they would not have as individual investors.

By combining funds with other investors, you get higher returns on your investment.

How does investing with Oasis work?

Apply. Invest. Watch your wealth grow.


Apply to join Oasis Realty Investment Group. Once we confirm that you are an accredited investor, you’re ready to get started.


Oasis pools your funds with those of other accredited members, investing in carefully chosen real estate investments with the greatest likelihood of larger than average returns.

Watch Your Wealth Grow

Review our investment reports. You are now collecting passive income from expertly chosen high-yield real estate funds.

Oasis Realty Investment Group - How it Works
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Oasis Realty Investment Group is revolutionizing real estate investment. By aggregating the funds of many investors, single investors are now able to invest in large-scale, multi-million dollar real estate investment projects that they otherwise could not.

Our team of real estate experts does all the research for you, finding the very best opportunities to safely build your wealth.


To benefit from carefully chosen, high-performing real estate investment opportunities with Oasis, contact us to discuss the application process.

Call us at 877-927-6744


You must be an accredited investor to participate in Oasis’ exclusive investment opportunities, meaning that you need to prove you have a certain minimum income or net worth. Contact us to learn more or get verified by going to


Expert Insider Access. Get insider access to institutional real estate investment opportunities that are carefully chosen by our experienced team.

We will facilitate the transfer of your funds to the right places, and take care of the legal process for you.

Watch Your Wealth Grow

Monitor Your Money.  Review our investment updates and keep track of your investment dollars.

Collect Passive Income. Receive regular interest or other distributions from the real estate investment fund.

You are building wealth with Oasis!

Build wealth with confidence.

Our experienced leadership team carefully chooses real estate opportunities to invest in based on geography, demographics, and history of high-yields.

Using sophisticated analyses of statistical data, Oasis selects the real estate opportunities that are in position to make you the most money. These properties are in areas with high demand geography, high earning demographics, and to have the data that supports a history of high returns.

Invest in a strong, stable, and sophisticated investment opportunity.

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