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The Oasis Difference

At Oasis Realty Investment Group we provide our investors with the opportunity to build wealth with confidence through smart investments in carefully chosen real estate investments.

And by offering our investors the opportunity to invest in funds like yours, Oasis can help do the work of growing your investor pool for you. We can easily and effectively bring new investors to your fund en masse without any additional effort by your team. (We qualify the investors to make sure they are an accredited investor and meet the compliance qualifications).

Let Oasis do the work of increasing your market penetration and introducing your fund to its vast database of accredited investors ready to invest in your projects. Contact us today to learn how we can establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

About our Leadership

Founder and CEO Ivel Turner, whose decades of experience in executive leadership at multi-million dollar global real estate investment firms, has, along with his expert leadership team, chosen to partner only with firms like yours that meet Oasis’ high standards for growth and trustworthiness.

Ivel Turner

CIK # 1958929

This partnership proposal is a


growth opportunity for the right real-estate investment funds.

Now, are you ready to start acquiring more, and more, AND more…investors?

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