Understanding the Waterfall Investment Model: A Comprehensive Guide

The waterfall investment model is an effective method used by fund managers to distribute profits to investors in a private equity fund or real estate investment. It is a structured distribution model that allocates returns according to a predetermined hierarchy of priorities. In this introductory guide, we will discuss the basics of the waterfall investment […]

House SEC Accredited Investor Debate

As the House of Representatives debates changing the definition of an accredited investor to comply with potential changes in SEC compliance, Oasis Realty Investment Group believes that it is important to provide individuals with ample opportunities to invest with confidence. This is because investing can be a powerful tool for building wealth and achieving financial […]

What Does the Real Estate Market Look Like For 2023?

If you’re going to invest in the real estate market in 2023, what do you need to consider before investing your hard-earned money into a solid investment? You may have heard that real estate investing is now mired by difficulties. With interest rates rising, the verifiable boom of 2021 in the wake of the COVID-19 […]

The Best Way to Invest in Real Estate for Passive Income

If you have money, you want your money to work for you. Passive income is a byproduct of wise investing – that consistent money flow that results only from strategic purchases. Many people see investing in real estate as an active investment. You buy a property and sell it. However, there are multiple ways real […]

Why are some Americans choosing to rent instead of buy?

With home prices out of reach, millennials and more opt to lease. If new construction is going up in your neighborhood, chances are it’s a residential rental community.  Because even as we slowly return to normal after the COVID crisis, housing prices have yet to return to a reasonable level for many buyers.  Priced out […]

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Why diversification is important in investing Famed billionaire and master investor Warren Buffett has been known to advise investors to put their investment “eggs” in multiple baskets. That way, if a crisis hits one basket, the eggs only break in that one. And the rest of your eggs in the other baskets stay safely intact. […]

Multi-Family properties are a recession-proof investment. Here’s why.

In today’s uncertain economy, investors seek stability and safety. And while real estate is a historically sound investment through good times and bad, investing in single-family houses today can mean waiting for a market turnaround to make significant profits.  Multi-family properties, on the other hand, regularly offer consistent income regardless of the unpredictable economy.  Why? […]

Why RIGHT NOW is the best time to invest in real estate

As interest rates and inflation rise and the economy is looking volatile, many fear making investments right now, particularly in real estate. This fear, however, prevents people from making smart investments that will help secure their financial future. Because while adding to your savings account in lieu of making investments might be a safe choice, […]

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