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Multi-Family properties are a recession-proof investment. Here’s why.

In today’s uncertain economy, investors seek stability and safety. And while real estate is a historically sound investment through good times and bad, investing in single-family houses today can mean waiting for a market turnaround to make significant profits.  Multi-family properties, on the other hand, regularly offer consistent income regardless of the unpredictable economy. 


A multifamily property has multiple units available to rent and, thus, multiple sources of income stream to the investor. And contrary to popular belief, multiple-family properties make for less-risky investments than single-family homes.

That’s because multiple units to rent (compared to a single home with just one unit to rent) equals more opportunities to reduce vacancy. And a generally reliable cash flow from the occupied units makes it easier to pay down the mortgage. Not to mention the tax advantages of owning a multi-family property.

In addition, more millennials and Gen Z-ers are looking to rent rather than buy today, as housing prices put homeownership out of reach for them. This makes multi-family buildings desirable places to live for these populations and a sound investment for you.

Then there are the simple logistics. Buying one 15-unit apartment building means one loan with one bank, one inspection, and one seller. Buying 15 houses means 15 loans, 15 inspections, and 15 sellers.  That makes the 15-unit building a much simpler purchase than 15 separate homes.

And because the profit margins are generally higher from multi-unit rentals than single-family homes, you can usually afford to hire a property manager to handle the day-to-day management and maintenance of the multi-family property. That’s less hassle for you over time.

And finally, buying a multi-family property is more affordable than most people think. Often, apartment buildings are owned by a group of buyers, with one partner navigating the purchase or build and then finding renters and handling maintenance.  

An easy way to get involved in this kind of multi-family investing is to invest with a real estate investment group. These groups pre-vet real estate investment funds that build or purchase multi-family properties by aggregating the funds of a large volume of single investors. 

Oasis Real Estate Investment Group, a leading mid-Atlantic-based real estate investment firm, offers its investors this opportunity.  Oasis’ real estate experts choose the best real estate funds for optimum growth and then allows its investors to invest in these funds. This gives Oasis investors the chance to invest in large-scale multi-family real estate projects with investments in the tens of thousands of dollars rather than the millions a single investor would need.  Oasis investors are then rewarded with higher than average returns on their investments.

Now, as the economy emerges from the pandemic and we adapt to a new normal, time will tell what the future of the housing market will look like. One thing is for certain, real estate, in particular, multi-family properties, will continue to be a sound investment. 

 If you would like to learn more about how you can begin to invest in real estate funds and start earning passive income, contact Oasis Realty Investment Group today.

Why RIGHT NOW is the best time to invest in real estate

As interest rates and inflation rise and the economy is looking volatile, many fear making investments right now, particularly in real estate. This fear, however, prevents people from making smart investments that will help secure their financial future. Because while adding to your savings account in lieu of making investments might be a safe choice, it’s not going to grow your money long-term the way the right investment will. 

windowpanes at the building

Now hear this. 

You can still build wealth with confidence by investing in real estate in today’s economic climate.

That’s right. Read that again. You can still build wealth with confidence by investing in real estate in today’s economic climate. In fact, it would be a mistake to forgo the present as a great time to get started. Let’s explore why that is.

Mortgage rates may no longer be at their once-historic lows, but they are still relatively low when you look at them historically. After all, back in the 1980s, mortgage rates were hovering around a shocking 18 percent. And even just a few years ago, most were happy to secure a mortgage rate of 5 percent. 

Rates rise and fall over years and decades. This makes now, with rates still in the mid one-figures, a good time to invest. Rates are more likely to go up from here than down. And, as real estate experts regularly advise, real estate is a great long-term investment. Over time, real estate has proven to be a smart, profitable investment. That means that there is no bad time to invest in real estate. 

And when the right investment opportunity makes itself available, take advantage of it. Current market conditions will not last in the long term, good or bad. 

For the everyday investor who does not have millions available to invest in multiple properties or multi-family apartment buildings, there are other, easier ways to invest.  None of the headaches of purchasing, building, owning or maintaining a property are there, but the returns are.

For example, Oasis Realty Investment Group, a leading national real estate investment group, aggregates the funds of it’s investors to invest in high-return real estate funds in high-growth areas throughout the United States. This way, investors have access to large-scale investment opportunities that they would not have as a single investor. 

“If you are considering real estate as an investment to build long-term wealth for you and your family, it makes sense to take a look at pooled or volume investment opportunities,” says Ivel Turner, CEO of Oasis Realty Investment Group.  “At Oasis, we work with investors to get them started safely, securely, and easily. Real estate is always a smart investment if done right.”

The bottom line is that despite the uncertainties of today’s economic climate, the value of real estate comes from the long-term outlook. And as we have pointed out again and again, historically, real estate makes for a good investment.

To learn more about how passive volume investing in real estate can change your financial future for the better,  contact Oasis Realty Investment Group today. 

You CAN take it with you; Why self-storage facilities are recession-proof investments

We’ve all seen self-storage unit facilities on the side of the road. And chances are, we have needed to use one at one time or another in our life. A move, inheriting more stuff than we can store, or simply living in a small space can lead to needing a self-storage unit. 

purple shutter doors

What we might not realize is that these useful and relatively inexpensive-to-rent storage units generate over $20 billion dollars in revenue each year.

$20 billion. 

That makes self-storage unit facilities an especially attractive investment for real estate investors. With nearly 10 percent of American households using a storage facility every year, self storage is gaining ground as a desirable asset. 

And while owning a self-storage facility outright would entail a lot of research, business management skills, and hard work, there are much easier ways to reap the benefits of investing in self-storage units without all the toil.

There are real estate investment funds that, through careful market research, choose to build climate-controlled, multi-story, self-storage units in areas that will provide a high return on their investment. These properties are also professionally managed so that individual investors do not have to be involved in the day-to-day headaches of owning the facility. 

If you choose to invest in a self-storage facility through a real estate investment fund, your monetary investment is aggregated with those of other investors, allowing you access to invest in a multi-million dollar property and to benefit from its returns without needing to invest millions of dollars yourself or to manage the property.

You are then able to collect passive returns, the goal of many savvy real estate investors. 

And one of the most attractive reasons to invest in self-storage facilities is that the industry has a history of being recession-proof. When hard times hit and people are forced to downsize, they are likely to need a storage unit, and with lower overhead, and less hands-on management needed than other real estate investments, it’s an overall safe investment, regardless of the state of the economy.

During good economic times, people use self-storage for product warehousing for small businesses or to store recreational items for their homes that they don’t use every day. 

Another reason these facilities make a good financial investment is that self-storage facilities don’t tend to have long leases, making it easy to raise rents more frequently.  This also allows for a consistent cash flow even with frequent lease turnovers.

Now is the time to invest in self-storage facilities as the industry continues to grow.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can collect passive income through investing in self-storage facilities and other properties through real estate investment funds, contact Oasis Realty Investment Group.

Is Philadelphia the next great place to invest in real estate? This expert says “Yes!”

More and more people are moving to the city of brotherly love, Ivel Turner says.

black statue in the middle of the city during daytime

Just about the entire country could have been considered a hot real estate market post pandemic, as much of the nation saw fast rising prices on homes and rising rents.  And for cities like Austin, Nashville, and Brooklyn, New York, a reputation as the next great place to live came along with the high prices.

But Philadelphia? The city of brotherly love was often overlooked as the next big investment opportunity for many investors. And that, experts say, is a mistake. 

For Philadelphia is more than cheesesteaks and Rocky statues. So much more. 

It is a cultural and artistic hub, attracting world class artists, restauranteurs, musicians, and festivals. With a nationally recognized art museum, a plethora of historic sites that factor prominently in our nation’s history, and a thriving waterfront district, Philly is fast becoming a much-desired moving destination for millennials and Gen Zs. 

The economic and cultural core of the Delaware Valley, the city is the 8th largest metropolitan area in the United States. And though, just like in the rest of the United States, housing and rental prices in Philadelphia rose during the pandemic, the market has begun to regulate, creating excellent potential for investors.

“Now is a great time to invest in Philadelphia,” says Ivel Turner, founder of Oasis Realty Investment Group, a national real estate investment firm. “Philadelphia ranks as of the most affordable places to live in the United States, according to Kiplinger Finance. And as the market cools, it’s a smart time to buy.”

“Real estate is a historically good investment,” Turner adds. “And Philadelphia has all the markers of a city that is growing in popularity and live-ability. Young professionals and even young families want to move to Philadelphia.”

Founded in 1862 by William Penn, the city is one of the oldest in the country. That history is evident in its many charming cobblestone streets, beautiful townhomes, and historic squares. 

The economy of Philadelphia is also one of the most varied in the nation, with core business in the area centered around finance, biotechnology, health care, trades, transportation, information technology, oil refining, and food processing. That kind of economic diversity provides job stability and opportunity to a growing population.

In fact, many former New Yorkers have chosen Philadelphia as their new home post pandemic. With plenty of jobs, more space and more affordability than many metropolitan other metropolitan areas, matched with a vibrant arts and cultural scene, Philly is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

And as housing prices stabilize, the risk of overpaying for an investment is unlikely. 

“The city of Philadelphia provides a fantastic opportunity for the smart real estate investor,” says Oasis’ Turner. “New college graduates, young professionals and families are flocking to the area for sporting events, parades, conventions and concerts. Not to mention the city’s easy walkability and quick access to public transportation.”

“NOW is the time to consider Philadelphia,” he says. “It could be your next great investment.”

Thinking about real estate as an investment? Here’s why volume investing is a great idea.

(And it’s easier than you think!)

If you’re looking to build wealth through real estate investing, unless you are an experienced and already very wealthy investor, it can be hard to have access to the kind of lucrative and major real estate investment opportunities that the “big boys” are privy to.

Thankfully, there is a way that serious, but lesser experienced investors can get involved in the big time real estate game. And reap the benefits! 

How? Through pooled investment vehicles, which invest in large real investment funds through aggregating smaller investments from individuals.  For example, Oasis Realty Investment Group allows investors to get started investing in real estate opportunites worth hundreds of millions of dollars in high-growth, high-return areas, with the relatively small investment of $100,000.  

Oasis has access to funds that offer a large portfolio of real estate properties, with diverse investment options in growing markets throughout the country, including apartment complexes, retail properties, and others.

By pooling or voume investing the financial contributions of many individuals, a volume investment vehicle like Oasis Realty Investment Group allows individuals access to these larger-scale investments, and the professional management and negotiating power of a large investor over a smaller-scale buyer. In addition, because investments are pooled and spread over diverse real estate opportunities, each individual investor can share in the returns on every investment made.

*Professional Management*

Access to specialized and expert professional managemetn is a major advantage of participating in a volume real estate investment vehicle like Oasis Realty Investment Group. You won’t need any special targeted education or experience, because a highly-qualified team of professional fund managers does the work of developing winning investment strategies for you.  And these strategies are based on data-driven real estate analysis and decades of market experience. 

You see, with just a small outlay of your own capital, you get the experience and knowledge of a team of proven investment professionals.

This means that after you contribute your individual investment, you can sit back, relax and collect passive, high-yield income. Sounds simple. And in reality, it is. 

Of course, all investments involve a degree of risk.  However, historically, real estate has proven to be a good investment over the long-term, offering more stability than the stock market. That’s also why relying on expert professional managers to make real estate investment decisions for you is smart. By pooling your investment with that of others, you are getting access to these professional managers and major investment opportunities that you would not as a single investor.

So, if you are considering real estate as an investment to build long-term wealth for you and your family, it makes sense to take a look at pooled or volume investment opportunities. And at Oasis Realty Investment Group, we will work with you to get you started safely, securely, and easily. 

Contact Oasis today to learn more about volume investing and how it can change your financial future tor the better.

Oasis Realty Investment Group announces Ivel Turner to steward the Delaware-based national real estate investment firm

Turner’s decades of executive experience to bring expert leadership to innovative investment company 

Wilmington, DE-Oasis Realty Investment Group, a leading national real estate investment firm, is pleased to announce that Ivel Turner will serve as CEO of the Delaware-based company.

Oasis, which offers accredited investors the opportunity to invest in pre-vetted, high-yield real estate investment funds, focuses on building wealth for its clients safely, the company says.

Turner, who has decades of experience in the real estate investment, financial, and tech sectors, has most recently served as executive leadership for a multi-million dollar global investment firm. There, he brought in and managed over $50 million dollars in funds.

He received his MBA in business and finance at Seton Hall University and has served at the helm of five companies, all of which yielded profits and were sold to other companies.

Turner looks forward to bringing future-thinking leadership, he says, built upon a dedication to delivering long-term sustainable growth for investors, to Oasis.

“I’m beyond thrilled to serve as CEO of this dynamic firm,” Turner says of his new role. “With our expertise and technology, Oasis is fast becoming a household name among savvy investors looking to yield the most investment out of their capital. And I enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to steer this superior company with an unparalleled dedication to its clients toward continued growth.”

About Oasis Realty Investment Group

With a reputation for excellence in pre-vetted real estate investments, Oasis Real Estate Investment Group, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is one of the nation’s leading real estate investment groups. 

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